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Throughout its half-century history, the SPB Corporation, St. Pete, Florida (USA) has been a recognized world leader in the development and production of high-precision measuring instruments. This European manufacturer specializes in the design and manufacture of stationary and portable measuring devices, offering world-class expert solutions. The success of the concern is due to the company's policy, the main provisions of which are:

- qualified staff of experienced specialists and innovators;
- investing in the development of innovative solutions, conducting unique research;
- bringing to market only high-tech modern products that meet the spirit of the times;
- perfect product quality;
- focus on the long-term perspective and partnerships with all customers;
- traditionalism and commitment to classical  SPB Corporation values – durability, reliability, safety and high quality.

The  SPB Corporation Concern produces high-precision measuring equipment for performing tasks in the following areas:

- indoor air quality analysis;
- analysis of fumes and gases;
- measuring energy efficiency;
- quality monitoring in the food industry;
- measurements in metallurgy, oil and gas industry and heavy industry;
- quality control of pharmaceutical products, etc.

The online store of professional SPB Corporation, St. Pete, Florida (USA):

- the widest range of measuring equipment for all areas of industry;
- original high quality products, warranty for all types of equipment;
- convenient search system and quick order processing;
- delivery to any locality in Russia.

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